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Plan for a Bike Trek to Come With the SmartHalo 2

Photo Credit: SmartHalo/New Atlas

It’s like the Gadget Mobile, except it’s a bicycle, and it’s not voiced by D. L. Hughley.

For all you bicycling enthusiasts out there, there is a new product coming soon that provides you the knowledge needed for your biking trek without having use your phone. Just like driving your car while using your phone can be dangerous, the same can be said for riding your bike. Luckily, the SmartHalo 2 can make your trip a lot safer.

This new device connects right onto your bike and provides many cool features to safely navigate you on your journey. Instead of having to use a phone GPS, this device will direct you where you need to go without much distraction.

In addition to a GPS feature, it has a 110 dB anti-theft alarm to always protect your bike when you need to make any stops. It also comes with an extremely strong front light to help safely navigate you through darkening conditions.

As you would expect, the device allows you to track your distance, speed, and calories that you burn. These metrics can help you set various goals throughout your biking journey. Weather conditions are constantly updated as the device can be connected to your smart home and will also alert you to incoming messages.

The SmartHalo 2 is not overly complicated but is an accessory that every cyclist should want. This simplistic device will turn on when you hop on your bike and will automatically turn off when you are done. Through a connection with your phone, you can input all the data that you desire, and it will provide it to you on its console.

It securely locks on your handlebar and your one of a kind HaloKey is the only thing that you can unlock it. When you walk away, it will arm an alarm, providing the comfort of knowing your bike is being protected.

You can currently pre-order it for under $100 on the product’s Kickstarter. This is the newest technology in cycling and something that anyone with a bicycle should consider adding to their two wheels!