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Nintendo Outlines ‘Super Mario 3D World’ Re-Release

Credit: Unsplash

Same game, angrier Bowser.

I never got a Wii U, and I don’t especially regret that decision. Yes, it had a few good games, but just about all of those games are now on the Nintendo Switch, and in superior forms at that. The latest game to escape from the dark annals of the Wii U is Super Mario 3D World; we’ve known this was happening for a while now, but in a trailer released this morning, Nintendo gave us some extra details on the re-release, as well as its new content, the mildly frightening Bowser’s Fury.

The Switch version of Super Mario 3D World is functionally identical to its Wii U counterpart; same characters, same power-ups, same stages, though according to those that played the original, the characters seem to move a little faster in this version, which is always appreciated. However, there are a couple of fun additions: online play and and screenshot mode. Online play, obviously, allows up to four players to join together remotely for co-op play, provided everyone has a Switch Online membership. In screenshot mode, you can pause the game, move the camera around, add filters, and use collected stamps to take silly pictures. These screenshots will, presumably, be stored in your Switch’s memory like regular screenshots taken with the screenshot button.

The interesting stuff shows up in the new game expansion, Bowser’s Fury. Apparently, after the events of the main game, Bowser was so unimaginably furious, he went crazy and transformed into a giant fire-breathing titan. With the aid of Bowser Jr., Mario needs to collect the Cat Shines located around a kingdom of cats to awaken the Giga Bell and face Bowser one-on-one. This new expansion utilizes 3D World’s assets and engine, but offers an open-ended adventure more in line with Super Mario Odyssey. A second player can also join to take control of Bowser Jr. to aid the first player. Periodically, Bowser will awaken and rain fiery doom upon the landscape, changing its composition.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will release on February 12. Pre-orders are already open, with the price set at the usual $59.99. The game will also feature some minor Amiibo support if you happen to have any Mario-themed ones lying around.