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Former ‘F-Zero’ Producer Expresses Interest in New Game

Credit: Unsplash

Could Nintendo be persuaded into bringing back the high-speed series?

Older game companies like Nintendo have cooked up a lot of different IPs over the years, to the point that a lot of them, even fairly well-known ones like Metroid or Earthbound, have gone ages without new entries. Arguably, one of Nintendo’s most criminally under-utilized IPs is F-Zero, the high-speed futuristic racing game. F-Zero hasn’t had a new game since F-Zero GX on the GameCube in 2003. Sure, Captain Falcon still makes his rounds in the Smash Bros. games, but since it’s been so long, there’s a distinct chance there’s a lot of younger gamers out there who don’t know him as anything besides “the Falcon Punch guy.” Long-time fans want a new F-Zero, and apparently, the guy who produced GX is interested as well.

In an interview with Red Bull France, translated by Nintendo Everything, former F-Zero producer Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke about his time working on F-Zero GX. Nagoshi currently works for Sega as a franchise developer for the Yakuza series, but in his own words, he’d be quite interested in a return to the high speed tracks of the F-Zero Grand Prix.

“Mmm… Putting aside the odds of it happening, I must admit I have a lot of affection for F-Zero GX,” Nagoshi said. “If the opportunity were to present itself, I wouldn’t mind. And in that case, I’d like to make it a challenging game. I believe that if Nintendo just wants a racing game that is ‘fun and accessible’, they already have Mario Kart for that purpose.”

While Nagoshi is no longer employed with Nintendo, Nintendo has been more open lately to the idea of calling in outside help for development, such as their work with Next Level Games and Platinum Games. If Nintendo could be cajoled into reviving F-Zero, hopefully Nagoshi could get the chance to make his dream come true.