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Must-Have Gadgets in Your Car

Credit: B&H

Cruisin’, yeah yeah…

Cruising around on a warm day can be one of the most relaxing things you can do. Cranking your favorite tunes while your hair flows in the wind can be a very stress-free experience. But even if you’re having fun, you shouldn’t neglect safety. Here are a few gadgets you may want to consider adding to your ride to keep things safe so you can keep enjoying yourself.

Window Breaker

Nobody ever wants to think of what could happen if the worst situation occurred. A window breaker can come in handy in the event that you get stuck in your automobile and can’t get out. It needs to be something that is small enough that you can access quickly. Consider purchasing the Ztylus Stinger or the Resqme Quick Car Escape Tool. Both are small, handy, and can quickly be retrieved if it was ever needed.

Dash Cams

This is not a necessity, but it is something that people are purchasing more and more these days. Having a camera that records everything that you see as the driver can come in handy in any dangerous situations on the road. Some dash cams can be hard to spot or come with a rear camera that can help a driver when they need to back up.


There are too many times that people think that they are OK to drive, but are far from it. Having a breathalyzer in your car ensures that you know how much alcohol you have had and whether you should get behind the wheel or not. A solid breathalyzer will let you know if you should or should not drive. This can be a great indication of whether or not you should plan on calling an Uber or a Lyft to safely get your home. Amazon has several to purchase ranging in price but you should spare no expense when buying a quality breathalyzer.

Phone Mounts

Texting and driving have become a huge problem across the country. Purchasing a phone mount can help take that temptation away while on the road. This is also a convenient way to use apps that provide you with directions from one place to another. One of the best phone mounts on the market is the iOttie. It is an easy one-touch car mount that pairs perfectly with any phone on the market.

All four gadgets should be considered as a staple in any vehicle. It is always important to think of safety first and all four gadgets were designed with the safety of the driver in mind. One can never be too safe on the roads.