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Hit the Slopes in Style With Hi-Tech Goggles

Credit: bONE Tech/Wearable Technologies

Skiing with extra science!

With the holiday season rapidly approaching us, it is definitely time to start thinking about the perfect gift to give to your family and friends. For the adventurous people in your life that enjoy flying down a mountain, you might want to consider purchasing the IceBRKR Ski Goggles from bONE Tech. Besides looking cool, these goggles have infused music technology that will really motivate a winter adventurer to hit the slopes as often as they can!

One of the coolest things about skiing is putting headphones on and just cruising down the trails. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous things to do because you can’t hear who is around you. The IceBRKR Ski Goggles have developed a way for skiers and snowboarders to have the best of both worlds.

It is set up by bone conduction, which will send low-frequency sounds from the vibrations on your helmet shell into your inner ear by your jawbones. The high frequency will come to your ears via two small speakers.

Nothing is placed in your ears, so you can hear the music and other people on the slopes. You can stream music right from your phone as well as take calls, and since it’s MESH tech, you can connect with anyone else that has the same goggles.

The goggles come with a polarized lens with an iridium coating that will help protect your eyes from any tough glares while heightening the contrast. This is by far the safest option if music is a must on the mountains. Plus, being able to make calls and communicate with other people on the trail can really make you feel at ease in the event of a dangerous fall or injury.