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More Apps and Gadgets to Improve Your Mental Capacity

Credit: Gadget Flow

Lots of relaxation without clinical-strength soporifics.

Last week, we looked at some of the apps and gadgets that are helping people improve their mental capacity. Today we will be checking out a few more gadgets that are helping us survive in this crazy world.

RESPIO Accurate Biometric Sleep Coach

Sleep… many people have a love-hate relationship with it! Some people can doze off in a matter of seconds, while others toss and turn for hours before finally conking out for the night. For those people who struggle, the Sleep Coach is here to help. A very slim piece of fabric lies across your bed as you lay on top of it. It will track your sleep and give you all the metrics and data that you can review in your app to make adjustments for a better night’s sleep.

Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker

A simple health tag that can be attached to your clothing, the Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker monitors your mind and body all day long. It also has the capacity to track your stress levels and provide a review for you at the end of the day. This will help you see where a lot of your stress is coming from and help provide ideas to take this worry out of your life.

Calm App

Sometimes we just need a simple app on our phones to help us find some rest and relaxation. One of the most popular and widely used is Calm. The app really centers your mind to just focus on your breathing. It will help you to reduce your stress while developing better sleeping habits. It will cost you, however. It is $60 for the year or you can pay $400 for lifetime access.

TouchPoints x BGCA Kids Stress Relief Wearables

In today’s society, kids have it pretty difficult. The stress of school and staying up on the latest fads can really build up worry in kids. This stress relief wearable will help them cope with some of the challenging parts of their day. When they start to feel stressed out, a gentle vibration signal will be sent to their wrist. The calming sensations will reduce 70% of their stress in just under 30 minutes. This will help kids understand where their stress is coming from and then work on strategies to prevent this from happening in the future.