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Game Companies Beware: Apple Arcade is Coming

Credit: Jason Hiner/CNET

Apple’s out for blood this time.

When the arcade launches, users will have access to over 100 games on the platform. What makes this subscription unique and interesting is that it is a “one subscription all-you-can-play” program. Other companies have tried similar ideas, but the difference is that you can download games to play offline on all Apple devices.

For just $4.99 a month, an Apple Arcade subscription can be shared with up to five family members. As of writing, there has not been an announcement on a particular controller that will need to be used for Apple Arcade, but it is believed that PS4 DualShock 4 and Microsoft Xbox One controllers will be compatible.

With the billion-dollar industry that gaming now is, it makes complete sense to open up an arcade system. Apple has seen the power of subscriptions with programs like Netflix flourishing (more or less). The gaming industry is expected to double in size by the year 2025, so having this Arcade system in place now may pay dividends in the long run.