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Keeping Pets Cool With a Little Science

Credit: PerroPet

Be safe throughout this heat and take care of our best buds!

As another heatwave is set to hit many areas, it is important that we don’t forget about how our furry friends feel about the heat. There are important signs that you need to keep an eye on to make sure your pets are not overheating, which can lead to catastrophic results.

The brain is very vulnerable and sensitive to overheating. When that happens, you will see people and animals experience confusion, agitation, and lethargy. To reduce their core body temperature, animals will sweat or pant, which will result in rapid dehydration, which decreases blood volume and strains the heart.

Fresh water should be provided more frequently during hot weather. It is suggested that multiple locations for water consumption should be provided in the event that the water is spilled somewhere. Make sure to take care of the birds outside as well by providing water in your pots or using pot saucers so they can bathe and avoid drinking contaminated water.

Never let your animal outside if you don’t have shade. If there is no place for them to get any relief, you need to keep them cool indoors. It is not a bad idea to have a small children’s pool available for them to swim in.

Don’t walk your dog on hot surfaces like pavement. The heat can burn right through their paw pads. If you live in a city and hot surfaces are the only ones available, you can buy booties for their feet. It only takes a few minutes for serious burns to take effect, so be extremely careful. If their feet get hot, you can run cool tap water over their pads to reduce overheating.

Dogs can also get sunburned. Fair-skinned dogs tend to get burned on their noses and the tips of their ears. You can apply sunblock to help prevent them from getting burnt and increasing their risk of getting skin cancer. It is also important that you don’t shave double-coated dogs or cats. It may seem like it is too hot for them, but they use their fur to stay cool on hot days.

Have your veterinarian’s phone number handy during this time of year in case you need to spring into action quickly. And, not that it should ever have to be said, but never EVER leave your pets inside of car. There have already been reported deaths this year as a result of pets locked in the car. Even if you think you have everything covered inside of the vehicle for their safety, you’re better off just not doing it.