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How to Set Photos in a Digital Frame

Credit: Aluratek/Best Buy

Beats getting them developed at the drugstore.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have any money to buy posters for my bedroom wall, so instead, I’d print out cool images from the Inkjet printer and tape them up. It looked pretty tacky, in hindsight, and I can’t imagine my dad appreciated me wasting all that color ink, but how else was I supposed to put cool pictures in my room. Thankfully, these days there’s a much better alternative: digital picture frames. Well, better in the sense that it looks better; it still costs money that kids probably don’t have. I’m trying to segue here, shush.

A digital picture frame can display any digital photos or images with beautiful quality, not to mention slideshow between multiple images at once. If you’re a photography buff, a digital frame is a great place to both store and display photo data from a digital camera or smartphone. But the question is, how do you get the pictures on there? There are a few different ways, but it depends mostly on the model of digital frame.

Credit: Aluratek

Most digital frames have external slots for memory sticks, like SD cards and USB drives. You can pop the SD card out of your digital camera, plug it into the frame, and boom, there’s your pictures. The same goes for USB drives; most digital frames have at least a rudimentary user interface you can use to select photos and folders, so just plug in the stick and choose what you want.

Some frames have an even less hardware-intensive option: companion apps. Some digital frames have partner apps available on smartphones, or web apps you can use from your computer’s internet browser. In either case, just upload the pictures you want to display on the app, and they’ll automatically be sent over to the frame for displaying. Some frames even have unique email addresses, so if your friends or family want to send you photos to display, all they have to do is attach them to an email and shoot them off to the unique address.

So if you’re ever worried about not having the space for or means to obtain something cool or nostalgic for your wall or desk, just get a digital picture frame. If you’re lucky, you’ll only ever need to buy one!