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How to Disconnect Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Credit: Unsplash

We’re not always the same people in different places.

Some people run their social media presence as a single, all-encompassing galaxy. No matter where you look for them, be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, whatever, you’ll find the same person and the same content. Other folks, though, prefer to adopt different personas on different social media platforms. Maybe on Facebook they’re just their plain ol’ selves, but on Twitter, they’re an anonymous meme poster.

The thing is, though, it becomes harder to differentiate your social media presences when the platforms themselves become inexorably linked. When Facebook first acquired Instagram, you were probably prompted to link your accounts together in order to facilitate easier content copying. But once those accounts are linked, you can’t be two different people anymore. If that bothers you, then there is a way to unlink your Instagram from your Facebook.

You’ll need to do this from the Instagram side of things. Just open Instagram on your phone and go to the settings menu. Click Options, Linked Accounts, and Facebook, in that order. All you have to do then is tap Unlink Account, and the deed is done. Your Instagram posts will no longer cross-post to your Facebook profile, and you won’t get anymore prompts to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram.

Credit: Unsplash

If you really want to erase your Instagram’s presence from your Facebook (I won’t ask why), you can also quickly remove any Instagram posts you’ve cross-posted to your Facebook profile. Open your Facebook app and go to the settings. Tap on Apps, then Instagram. At the bottom should be a “remove app” button. Tap that button to remove Instagram functionality from your Facebook feed. You should also get a toggle option to remove any Instagram posts you’ve shared on your Facebook, so go ahead and check that.

Linking accounts can bring convenience, but sometimes, you just don’t want everyone and their grandma to know what you’re doing beyond their view. It’s less a matter of privacy, and more that nobody likes explaining memes to their moms.