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Google Competes with Apple’s Gaming Subscription

Credit: Google

Just a few days after the launch of Apple Arcade, Google answered back with a game subscription service of their own.

Google’s Play Pass subscription costs $4.99 a month with a limited time offer to join for $1.99 for the first twelve months.

Google has announced that over 350 apps and games will be available with their subscription with no ads. Play Pass is not just limited to games, either. Apps like AccuWeather and Facetune will also be available for users, and new games and apps are to be added every month. They will list all their options in a Play Pass tab that’s available through the Google Play store.

Google, unlike Apple, is not requiring exclusivity for the games that they provide in their service. It is compatible with Android mobile, laptop, and tablet devices.

This was not unexpected after it was rumored a Netflix model would soon be developed for gaming purposes. This provides an affordable option for many users and keeps the excitement and buzz of new games and apps relevant. Due to the removal of in-app purchases, gaming experts predict that the way games are developed will change. This could be used as a motivating factor to not develop shovelware games.

The new services could also potentially impact mobile gaming by giving indie titles more attention. The indie titles won’t have to compete in the Google Play store like they originally had to. Many people are not exposed to indie titles because many of the top-grossing games dominate the chart. Indie games only cost a few dollars, so they get buried behind the other games. This platform could open up a whole new world to the brand.

This builds on Google’s push to be relevant in the gaming industry. In November, they are planning to release their Stadia platform that will let people stream games from the cloud instead of having to play them on a console.