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Five Useful Gadgets for Any Occasion

Credit: GadgetFlow/Big Squeeze

You name a minor gripe, there’s a gadget to fix it.

I think one of my favorite things about the current era of gadgetry is a commitment to solving minor problems. Y’know, minor annoyances in daily life, not really big deals, but stuff that would be nice to have a solution for. Even if it’s for minor problems, I just love seeing little nuggets of ingenuity. Little problems, little solutions; a gadget for every occasion. Granted, I just like gadgets, but it’s still fun to consider. If you like gadgets as well, here’s a few fun little problem solvers to keep around the house.

Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer

When a tube of something runs low and it gets really hard to squeeze that last bit out, I’ve heard some folks will opt to cut the tube open with scissors. Frankly, that’s barbaric. What did the tube ever do to you? Instead of that, try the Big Squeeze. This portable roller will get every last drop out of any tube. Technically, it’s intended for things like paint tubes, but you can use it on pretty much any tube. I know I’ve got a bit of toothpaste that refuses to come out.

Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug

Credit: Fellow Products

Travel coffee mugs are nothing new, but something you may not know is that the materials and structure of a travel mug can adversely affect the taste of your coffee. It’s like the difference between drinking soda out of a can versus a bottle; once you catch the difference, you don’t want to go back to metal. So… don’t! This mug is metal on the outside, keeping your hand safe from heat, but has a ceramic coating inside that preserves the flavor of your beverage. Plus, the rim is thin and the mouth is wide, so you can tell how hot it is before you sip, and do so smoothly.

Shield20 Germ-Free Door Opener

Credit: Vahan Virabyan

Do to current circumstances, I’m guessing a lot of you would like to touch door handles and keypads as little as possible. It’s annoying to always carry a pair of gloves around, though (plus latex gloves make your hands stink). Instead, try this portable doodad. This copper wonder features a sturdy hook that can turn most door handles, as well as a little nub for pushing buttons. It also comes with a cotton case and a sterilizing spray, so after you use it, just give it a quick spritz, and stash it in your pocket.

TALO Self-Brushing Toothbrush

Credit: TALO

It seems like every time I turn around, the proper tooth-brushing method changes. Different motions, different lengths of time; it’s irritating to keep track of. Why not just take the guesswork out with a self-brushing toothbrush? Just hold it in your mouth for ten seconds, flip it over, and hold it for another ten seconds. Boom, dentist-approved thorough teeth-brushing in just twenty seconds. Every tooth is cleaned individually, giving you a full cleaning at light speed.

Loftie Multifunction Alarm Clock

Credit: Loftie

I’ve had rocky relationships with alarm clocks over the years. My current one’s LEDs are so bright, I have to flip it over just to go to sleep, and the one I had before that I’m pretty sure was possessed. I need a clock that works with my sleep cycle. A clock like… this one, perhaps? Loftie’s clock, in addition to handy features like a dimmable display and two-phase alarm, includes a suite of relaxing functions like guided meditions, breathing exercises, and relaxing sounds. Most importantly, though, it does not connect to your social media, because you really don’t need that first thing in the morning.