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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 13

It’s the next big thing after the next big thing with these guys.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is certainly one of the most awaited tech events each year. And as shown last week, one of the most notable parts of the California-based giant is the much-anticipated update to its smartphone operating system, the iOS 13.

Interested in the updates? Here’s a few standout features in iOS 13.

Apple Maps

Apple is aiming to overhaul Maps’ data for the US by December 2019, and 2020 for the rest of the world. In the meantime, though, users can now add quick-access favorites and create lists of places that they’ve been to or want to go to. The app also has a new feature that shows real-time transit info, airline flight status, and the ability to share your ETA with other people.

CarPlay Updates

Dubbed the “biggest CarPlay update ever” for Apple, the new update delivers a new dashboard that shows the map next to Siri suggestion and your personal playlist. It will also now work with third-party music apps like Spotify and other mapping apps.


HomeKit is Apple’s premier smart home hub. With the new update, the app will now feature a more secure setup for any home video cameras hooked up to the app. It will also be automatically backed up to the Cloud, as long as you have space.


Previously, if you weren’t in other people’s contact list when you message them, all they see is a generic black face and number. With the newest update, however, you can now upload a photo and change your nickname which will be seen by anyone on iOS 13 that you message, regardless if they had your number originally not.


The entire app has become smarter than ever before, as evidenced by its more intelligent compilation of photos by category. The update also adds some new features to Photos, such as the ability to adjust the strength of Portrait Lightning, among others. Videos are also editable now, and you can even rotate them if you want.

Options

Users can now see a “Sign in with Apple” option when signing up for websites. The best part is, users can also choose whether they want their email addresses visible or not.

Aside from these and other features, iOS 13 also gives a significant performance update to the iPhone. According to Apple’s demonstration, everything will be much faster. For example, Face ID will be 30% faster than before, and apps will be compressed to be 50% smaller to give users more space and load faster.