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Xiaomi To Release Smartphone With ‘Invisible’ Selfie Camera

Stealth selfies, the upgrade you never saw coming. Because it’s invisible.

According to a 2018 report from IDC, Xiaomi is the 4th biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, coming only after Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. And of course, with Huawei’s recent security threat controversy, it’s possible that Xiaomi has nabbed the 3rd spot as well.

How does Xiaomi do it? Aside from being innovative, the company manages to churn out new smartphone models at a surprisingly fast rate. In fact, speaking of innovation, Xiaomi is planning to release a new smartphone with a feature that you’ve never heard of before: an ‘invisible’ selfie camera. A report from TechAdvisor shows a quick mock-up of the newest under-display camera technology. Xiaomi says this could be the “ultimate solution” for getting rid of the notched design of current-generation phones, or the gimmicky pop-up camera mechanism.

The Chinese company revealed how it works via a Facebook post from Xiang Wang, Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President. “The front-facing 20Mp camera is hidden under the display, with a cleverly designed display-embedded camera combo – the transparent display doubles as the camera lens. By allowing more light into the lens, the display-embedded camera combo is able to produce perfect selfies, clearer and crisper than the pinhole camera solution when the camera is activated. When the display is turned off, the front camera disappears and results in a black surface that is completely seamless.”

The new technology could be seen as early as Mi Mix 4, which could be released in October of this year.