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Don’t Get Spooked, it’s Just the Steam Halloween Sale

Credit: Unsplash

The scariest part is how empty your wallet is going to be.

The fall and winter seasons mark one of the prime trifectas of major Steam sales. Before we have the holiday sale in December, we have the fall sale in November, and before the fall sale in November, we have the Halloween sale right now. Yes, the Steam Halloween sale is live right now, chock full of games running the gamut from full-on horror to mild spooking. This year, Steam is making a point of showcasing game that have received some manner of content update or event for the Halloween season, so just about every game on sale this time around is packing some new content to get into.

In addition to the sales, the Steam Points Shop has received a bunch of new animated avatars, profile backgrounds, and emoticons, featuring the usual suspects like skeletons, demons, ghosts, and all those other Halloween standbys.

So, what’s good in the catalog this year? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Outer Wilds – 40% off, $14.99
  • Psychonauts 2 – 25% off, $44.99
  • Resident Evil Village – 33% off, $40.19
  • Dead Cells – 40% off, $14.99
  • Death Stranding – 60% off, $23.99
  • Inscryption – 10% off, $17.99
  • Hollow Knight – 50% off, $7.49
  • Phasmophobia – 15% off, $11.89

The sale will last until November 1, so if you want to get some spooky games in time for Halloween, make sure to do it before Halloween is actually over.