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Check Out These Five Cool Desk Toys

Credit: Miklan/Amazon

For those times you want to do anything but work.

As someone with a small attention span, I appreciate having little doodads on my desk. Something to fiddle with, something that provides a service, or even something to simply admire can make your desk feel a little less confining. If you need a bit of tech-y fun on your desk, try one of these.

USB Mini Humidifier

My sinuses are fine, but even so, it’s nice to have a little misty action from time to time. It helps if it comes out of a cool glowing light bulb thingy. Just fill it with clean water, put the tube in, and go to town.

Desktop Sand Pendulum

Credit: ATD/Amazon

It’s like a zen garden, but with science. Just add the sand, give the pendulum a nudge, and watch momentum and gravity carve intricate patterns.

USB Fan Clock

Credit: ONXE/Amazon

Technically, if you have a computer, a desktop clock is kind of redundant. But try and tell me you didn’t love those LED pocket fans when you were a kid. I dare you.

Magnetic Floating Globe

Credit: LYNICESHOP/Amazon

It’s a well-accepted truth that small objects are at least twice as cool when they float. Ask a scientist, it’s a fact. The globe floats and turns in the air, and an LED in the base makes it look all shiny and important.

The Useless Box

Credit: Useless Box/Amazon

Flick the switch on and a little metal finger pops out and switches it off. It serves no practical purpose whatsoever, merely mechanical engineering for the sake of mechanical engineering. There’s something hilarious about it, I can’t put it into words.