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PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Leaks

Credit: LetsGoDigital

My, they’re really leaning into that ‘V’ aesthetic.

Not too long ago, Sony officially confirmed that their next console, the mysterious PlayStation 5, will be releasing in time for the Holiday 2020 season. Since then, rumors have circulated and renders have been made, but thanks to a leaked dev kit, we may have something a little more concrete to go on.

An anonymous source sent a photo to tech blog ZoneOfTech earlier today that showed the alleged dev kit. Based on this photo (and assuming the final version isn’t too radically different), we can surmise a couple of things about the console.

Credit: ZoneOfTech

First, the little silver circle on the right side may be a 4k camera, which could facilitate quick-activating 4k streaming. There appear to be six USB ports, as well as two INIT ports. Those are typically used in dev kits to allow the developers to access both the regular interface and the back-end programming. Besides these things, you’ve got a standard disc drive with power and eject buttons.

Now, assuming this thing is real and not just an elaborately modeled cardboard box, there are a few things to keep in mind. Though the layout of things like ports may be similar, the finished product probably won’t look like this. The giant V on the top is a little silly. By this time next year, we’ll hopefully have a more concrete view of the PS5 and its capabilities.