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‘Animal Crossing’ Nintendo Direct Coming Up

Credit: Nintendo

Deserted islands haven’t been this fun since Gilligan.

It’s been two years shy of a decade since the last mainline Animal Crossing game. Pocket Camp does not count, and I don’t think anyone will fight me on that. Ever since the Switch came out, everyone’s been asking for a new game in the series; Nintendo promised it was coming, and last year, we finally got an announcement for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We also got a delay, which people were a little upset about. But the waiting has almost paid off; New Horizons is releasing next month (at the same time as DOOM Eternal, in an amusing dichotomy). To re-whet everyone’s whistle ahead of the release, Nintendo has a few things they’d like to share.

Yesterday, Nintendo of America announced on their Twitter that they would be holding an Animal Crossing-themed Direct presentation on February 20, tomorrow.

New Horizons is available for digital pre-order on the Switch eShop. If you’re one of those folks who bought those limited time vouchers last year and still have one kicking around, you can redeem a copy of the game with that. If you prefer physical copies, I’d suggest a pre-order from Best Buy. They’re giving away little Tom Nook phone stickers so you can have the shadow of his greed watching over you wherever you go, and if you pre-order, you’ll also receive a cute little stuffed Bell bag. Nintendo is also releasing a limited edition Animal Crossing-themed Switch console a week ahead of the game’s release on March 13, but as of writing, it is sold out pretty much everywhere. I have friends who want that thing despite the fact that they already have Switches, that’s how big a deal it is.