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‘Alan Wake’ to Receive 4K Remaster

Credit: Unsplash

Remedy’s putting those Control profits to work.

2010’s Alan Wake, the horror-action game featuring a novelist doing battle with an abstract force of fear and darkness, was very well-received in its time, and rightfully so, speaking as someone who’s played through it three times. That said, it never quite reached the heights it was intended to. The game’s open-ended ending left plenty of room for a sequel, but aside from the side game Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, that never manifested. However, thanks to the runaway success of Remedy Entertainment’s newest offering, Control, and the fact that its last DLC pack “AWE” ties directly into Alan Wake‘s story, they’re now poised to give the property a shot in the arm. Before they can, though, they need to remind everyone what it’s about.

Remedy Entertainment announced yesterday that they will be releasing a 4K remaster of Alan Wake some time this fall. In addition to the main game, the remaster will come bundled with its two expansion packs at no additional charge, plus a commentary track from the game’s creative director, Sam Lake. Remedy is receiving publishing support for this venture from Epic Games, who will publish the game on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC via the Epic Games Store, and for the first time, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Remedy was previously forced to delist Alan Wake from most digital platforms due to a kerfuffle with music licensing rights, followed by losing the rights to the game itself to Microsoft. They reobtained the license back in 2019, though, which is how they were able to incorporate its characters into the “AWE” expansion for Control. The developers have been hoping to finally get that aforementioned sequel up and running for a long time, and if this remaster gauges significant interest, they just might be able to make it happen.