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Toby Fox Surprise-Announces Episode 2 of ‘Deltarune’

Credit: Unsplash

Episode 2 will be dropping this Friday.

Back in 2018, Toby Fox, creator of indie video game darling Undertale, suddenly released a brand new game on his website. There was no teaser, no announcement, nothing; it was just… there. This game turned out to be the first episode of his new game, Deltarune, a spin-off of sorts to Undertale starring a mix of old and new characters in a new story and setting. Deltarune, much like its predecessor, became an overnight hit, and Fox quickly became inundated with questions regarding the release second episode.

The FAQ section of the Deltarune website, written by Fox, reads “I have no method of estimating that but at least several years. Let’s say 4,000 years. Actually, in the time of answering this question it went up to 4,001 years.”

As it turns out, the second episode is releasing this Friday, beating out Fox’s initial estimate by a good 3,999 years. Much like the first episode, Fox unveiled the existence of the second episode with little-to-no preamble. During a livestream celebrating the sixth anniversary of Undertale, Fox and some friends played through the entirety of the first episode of Deltarune, only to surprise fans at the end of the session with a screen reading “continue to episode 2.”

This was followed by a proper reveal on Fox’s Twitter, including a brief teaser trailer and the official release date and time. Episode 2 of Deltarune will be available for download on PC and Mac from the official website on Friday, September 17, at 8:00 PM Eastern time, with releases to the console versions of the game to follow at an unspecified later date. Fox hasn’t mentioned anything regarding a price, so it’s a safe assumption that Episode 2 will be free to download like the first episode. If you still have save data from the first episode, it can be carried over to the second episode, though Fox also said that save data from the first episode isn’t required to play Episode 2.