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Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About The New Spiderman Game?

Yeah, spiders are scary, but that’s no reason to go crazy over an upcoming video game. Or maybe it is. Sony’s exclusive Spiderman title with Insomniac games is going to be the first standalone Spiderman game to be released in 4 years. It stole the show at E3 when an in-depth preview of the mechanics were on display.

The game is going to be a web-slinging, open world adventure title where Peter Parker will finally be able to utilize all of his powers however the player desires. The map of New York is sizing up to be gigantic, and players will get the enjoyment of slinging themselves across skyscrapers in pursuit of some of the most iconic villains from the franchise.

The power that is placed in the player is almost unlimited. They can choose to stick straight to the story line or follow side quests via police radio. Additionally, players will revel in using their spidey-senses and superpowers to sling items in and out of combat, as well as traversing different routes to get the job done. It has an Arkham Asylum vibe, and we’re totally okay with that style of beat-’em-up, as it really captures the essence of the character of Spiderman himself.

It was one of Sony’s biggest, and only, reveals at E3, but in the end, Spiderman stole the show. The game will not follow any of the recently released Spiderman: Homecoming storylines, making it a unique experience for everyone who is anxiously waiting for the title’s release on September 7th of this year.