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WD Black Storage is a Space Saver

Credit: WD

Tired of having to clear your drive out? Give it some extra space.

WD Black is a new hard disk drive that is here to save the day for console gamers who are running out of disk space. The WD storage devices can store as many as 300 games on one Xbox console.

The limited memory in many consoles makes it difficult to add more games to the system. Cramped storages can also slow down the system and, by extension, the games.

WD Black is introducing some new products that can potentially help with storage problems. These include:

  • WD Black P10 Game Drive: Users can purchase 5TB for $150, 2TB for $90, and 4TB for $130. The 5TB can hold up to 125 games on a 2.5-inch drive.
  • WD Black D10 Game Drive: This drive had 8TB, which can hold up to 200 games at once. It contains a 250MB/second transfer speed and has active cooling technology with two 7.5-watt charging ports.
  • WD Black P50 Game D: This drive contains 500GB, 1TB, or 5TB. A superspeed USB is used at 20 gigabits per second to transfer data at 1,980MB/second.
  • WD Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox One: This drive costs $110 for 3TB and $150 for 5TB. They will also send you a free two-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • WD Black D10 Game Drive for Xbox One: This drive has 8TB for 200 games or 12TB for 300 games and also comes with a three-month subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

These options will certainly benefit gamers who like to keep all of their games installed at once. Everything can be stored in one convenient drive and easily accessed whenever the game is needed.