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PlayStation 5 Not as Powerful as a Gaming PC

Credit: PC Perspective

PC remains the ultimate gaming platform.

PC gamers can rejoice in knowing that the new PlayStation 5 will not be as powerful as as a gaming PC.

The upcoming PS5’s GPU almost matches the NVIDIA RTX 2080, and is a major upgrade over the PS4 in general. However, it is also expected that the new game console still can’t match the PC graphics card that has been out for over a year. Rumor has it that the GPU of the PlayStation 5 will run at about 2GHz.

For PlayStation lovers, this is not a bad thing. It will still be an incredibly powerful console that will blow away the PS4, no problem. The PS5 is expected to be more powerful than most graphics cards currently available. Not to mentio, a PlayStation 5 will be considerably cheaper than what it costs to build a high-end gaming PC.

With the upgrade in graphics, it’s a good thing that cross-platform games that appear on both PlayStation and PC won’t be held back, at least not for now. But, as should be expected, NVIDIA and AMD will most likely release even more powerful GPUs for PCs. This just continues to confirm that PC is still the best gaming platform to have.

All of this information is currently still in the rumor stage, but many leaks seem to be confirming the above. This is still good news for all gamers as the consoles and hardware continue to get better and better. Competition is a beautiful thing as each company tries to outdo the other and, as a result, gamers will always benefit (as long as the games are good, at least)!