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‘No Man’s Sky’ Receives Massive Content Update

Credit: Unsplash

Players can now become genuine space pirates.

After its… less than stellar launch back in 2016, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has really pulled itself up by its bootstraps and become the game it was always meant to be. After launching to multiple concerns and mixed reviews, it’s doing much better these days thanks to a slate of overhauls and content patches. The developers are nowhere near done with their work on the game, though, as they’ve just released another major content update.

No Man’s Sky’s new Outlaws update introduces players to the sprawling underworld of the stars, rife with space pirates and smugglers. Players can visit outlaw stations, space stations loaded with unsavory types, and if they have the guts, they can raid the place and loot all of their ill-gotten goods. Players can also purchase illegal goods in these lawless zones to smuggle them elsewhere in the galaxy, though they’ll be at risk of discovery from law enforcement.

In addition to these new features, several existing features have been overhauled. Space combat has received a touch-up to be faster-paced and more exciting, with more elaborate weaponry and better handling on ships. Ship battles can now occur both in space and closer to a planet’s surface, with pirates occasionally raiding player settlements. To combat these pirates, players can assemble squadrons of wingmen to fly with them in space and assist in dogfights. Starships now feature dedicated cargo inventories, which are important for those looking to get in the smuggling game.

The update is available now, and No Man’s Sky is currently 50% off on Steam to celebrate.