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iPod Touch Updates Could Diversify Revenue Says Apple

A little old tech can be a breath of fresh air in the right hands.

Apple says that the recent implementation of updates in the iPod Touch line will diversify revenue, thanks to various rising sectors right now in the technology industry.

Thanks to the iPod Touch’s new A10 Fusion chip, the decade-old device is now more powerful than ever and can do way more tasks than before. Gamer Apple fans can now expect to use their latest generation iPod Touch for gaming in high settings. The device can also use new camera-based technology such as augmented reality.

The iTouch is also more affordable than other devices on Apple’s catalog, which makes it a good choice for consumers in the budget segment – a segment that is not normally targeted by Apple. Starting at only $199 for the 16GB model, it’s certainly much cheaper than the premium iPhones. Even the 128GB is only at $399, still less than half of the cheapest latest generation iPhone at the moment.

The only thing that the iPhone has that the iTouch doesn’t have is cellular data, something that can be easily solved anyway by pocket wifi devices or free public wifi.