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Accessories for the Enterprising Switch Owner

Credit: PowerA/Amazon

Gotta love all that third-party plastic.

Since the beginning of the modern gaming era, every game console has had its own bevy of third-party accessories. Some were really cool and helpful like the Worm Light for the Game Boy. Others were cheap hunks of plastic designed to make a quick buck like those Wiimote attachments they sold in grocery stores. It just goes to show that when you’re shopping for gaming accessories, you need to be extra careful. The Switch, in particular, has attracted its fair share of pretenders due to its nature as a hybrid console/handheld. To that end, here are a few Switch accessories that aren’t terrible so you know what to look for.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

The Switch Pro Controller is sturdy, comfortable, and just all-around great. It’s also crazy expensive, which is why not everyone has one. If you want a proper controller for your Switch, but can’t afford a name brand Pro Controller, this is a comfortable alternative. PowerA’s controller is wireless and can run for up to 30 hours on a couple of AA batteries. The caveat is that it can’t read Amiibo and doesn’t have rumble, but it does have the Pro Controller’s motion control. If you don’t mind sacrificing a few features, this controller is more sensibly priced alternative to the Pro Controller.

Credit: HomeSpot/Amazon

HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Adapter 

Nintendo, despite being the innovators they are, still haven’t quite worked all of the kinks out of their online pursuits yet. The whole “voice chat through a smartphone app” thing turns a lot of people off from the prospect. In lieu of that, try this handy adapter. This adapter will allow you to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your Switch while also providing lag-free voice chatting. Now when you’re playing Splatoon 2, you can comfortable chat through a speaker rather than taping your phone to your head.

Credit: 8bitDo

8Bitdo SN30 PRO Bluetooth Gamepad

Boy, those Switch SNES controllers sure were popular, huh? Sold out in the blink of an eye, they did. Luckily, 8BitDo has a controller that not only evokes that classic design, but adds a few handy features on top of it. SN30 gamepad is a hybrid of a classic SNES controller with the Switch’s modern button layout. It’s got nice, firm buttons, a compact, ergonomic design, plus rumble and motion controls. You can even use it with a computer or smartphone.

Credit: myCharge/Amazon

myCharge Nintendo Switch Charging Battery Pack

The annoying thing about playing your Switch undocked and on a table is that the charging port is on the bottom of the system, so you can’t plug it in while it’s on its kickstand (which is also kind of flimsy). MyCharge’s rechargeable battery pack solves that problem pretty succinctly with a sturdy design and large capacity. This sucker will give you a good ten hours of gaming from a single charge, and as an added bonus, features a much sturdier kickstand than can be locked in place.

Credit: Amazon

AmazonBasics Joy Con Charging Station

If you own more than two Joy Cons, there isn’t really an efficient way to charge them all at the same time. You just have to clip two onto the Switch, let them charge all the way, and then clip on the next two. It’s unwieldy and time-consuming. Instead, try this four-Joy Con charging station from AmazonBasics. Just plug it into one of your Switch dock’s USB ports and let it juice up any loose Joy Cons you have. It’s definitely more organized than leaving your Joy Cons all over the floor.