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A Chinese Farmer Built A Robot Crab, Because He Could

I have a bizarre respect for people who create things that serve no viable purpose to society. Invention for the sake of invention, creativity in action. Who cares if an invention is effectively useless? Fu Zhenlin certainly doesn’t.

Zhenlin is a farmer by trade, but a tinkerer in his free time. He’s created several robotic animals, including a dog and horse, just for the sake of it. His latest creation is a large robotic crab capable of holding one 100 kg passenger.

The machine hobbles along on six mechanical legs, and is controlled via several levers on the sides of the seat. The crab also has two large eyeballs mounted on springs, as well as a pair of claws. The eyes and claws don’t do anything, they’re just aesthetic.

The machine is jittery and hard to control and it has no practical applications, on Zhenlin’s farm or otherwise. But it is a giant, walking robot crab. Let nobody say that this man did not build a giant, walking robot crab. Why? For science or something!