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Switch Changing Classic Library Release Schedule

Credit: Nintendo

Just as well, it’s gonna take me ages to beat Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts.

Switch Online subscribers have had access to an expanding library of NES games since the service started, as well as a library of SNES games as of last week. 20 NES titles had been launched since last September with the expansion of two to three classic game releases a month. As a result, 46 NES titles are now available. However, Nintendo has announced that, with the beginning of the SNES library service, games will no longer be added on a monthly basis.

Nintendo recently announced that new additions to both the NES and SNES libraries would “not adhere to a regular schedule,” according to their representative’s quote to Business Insider.

There is some speculation that Nintendo may release a large portion of games in the next few months to surprise its Switch Online subscribers, but in the meantime, subscribers will have to remain patient and enjoy the games available right now.