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Samsung Remote Draws Power from Radio Waves

Credit: Unsplash

The remote pulls power from local frequencies.

Samsung has been trying some new approaches toward bringing their technology into the green age, though they’ve been starting small with the remote on their TVs. After all, batteries can be extremely wasteful, and recharging stuff just redirects the problem. Last year, they debuted their updated TV remote that charges exclusively through solar power. Just leave it out on a sunny table, and you’ll get what you need. Of course, much like with solar power in general, that begs the question of what you’re supposed to do when the sun goes down. Turns out the solution is floating all around us.

At CES 2022, Samsung once again debuted a Samsung remote, showing off its solar charging functionality. In addition to that, though, the remote now possesses a secondary means of charging: radio frequency harvesting. Alongside its solar battery, the remote will now harvest energy from local radio signals, like the one emitted from your wi-fi router. Not to worry, though; the energy conversion only takes in a small amount of the signal, so it won’t adversely affect your internet connection or anything like that.

With this secondary charging method, you should be able to keep the remote juiced up even the sun goes down, or if you keep your TV in a spot that isn’t close to a window. The remote is also made of 100% recycled material, so all around, it’s a pretty nifty advancement in green tech.