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Fill Your Cravings With These Kitchen Gadgets

Credit: Maxi-Matic/Amazon

Part of this complete breakfast.

I have almost no culinary skill whatsoever. The most complicated thing I can do in the kitchen is boil pasta, and even that I’m barely patient enough to do properly. It’s for this reason that I love kitchen labor-saving devices. They handle the logistics of cooking, so all you have to do is set it, forget it, and eat it. If you’re cooking illiterate like me, check out these kitchen-centric gadgets to make your life a little easier.

Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Center

Is it a coffee maker? A griddle? A toaster oven? Good questions! The answer is yes. This triple-threat of a gadget can make your coffee, eggs, and toast all in one go. The oven features a fifteen-minute timer, the coffee maker has a pause-and-serve function, and the griddle is easily removed for cleaning.

Rollie Automatic Egg Cooker

Credit: Rollie/Amazon

Omelets are nice because they’re pretty easy to make, but you do still need a little finesse with a frying pan to make them the old fashioned way. Take finesse out of the equation with this handy doodad. Just pour your beaten eggs into the top, and out pops freshly cooked rolled omelets, great for breakfast or a lunchbox. You can also add in veggie or meat bits for a little something extra.

Nostalgia Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster


I love hot dogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them one of my favorite foods. Usually I prefer ’em boiled, New York street vendor-style, but if you’re a grilled dogger, this funky toaster will save you some effort. Just pop in two hot dogs and two buns, push the button, and in a few minutes you’ve got freshly grilled dogs, ready for ketchup and mustard. Or baked beans if you’re my dad.

Nostalgia Bacon Express Grill

Credit: Nostalgia/Amazon

Speaking of stuff that goes good on hot dogs, bacon! While the bacon craze of the early 2010s has long since died down, plenty of people still love a plate of crispy strips with their coffee and eggs. This thing may look like a toaster, but it’s actually a griddle! Just layer the bacon on, dial it up, and let the crispiness flow forth.

Yay Labs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

Credit: YayLabs/Amazon

I swear I saw this thing on an early morning infomercial in like, 2009. I’ll be honest, I have no earthly idea how it works; you put cream, sugar, and flavorings in one end, add ice and rock salt in the other end, shake it like a Polaroid picture, and ice cream happens. Cooking science is odd, but kids would probably love a ball that spits out ice cream.