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The Hot Points From Microsoft’s Surface Event

Credit: CNet

So many new screens to tap on…

Microsoft ran a big press event on Wednesday for their new line of Surface laptops and tablets. While not quite on the scale of a new iPhone reveal, there’s definitely some buzz surrounding these new gizmos. Here are the big deals you should be aware of.

The Surface Laptop 3

The new model of the Surface laptop will come in 13.5 and 15-inch models, running for $999 and $1199, respectively. This new laptop features a fresh Ryzen processor from AMD to get the best graphics of any laptop like it. In fact, according to Microsoft, both models of the Surface Laptop 3 are more powerful then the current model of MacBook Air.

There’s a strip of fabric over the keyboard to keep it clean like the Surface Laptop 2, but unlike the 2, you can take the strip off if you need to fix the keyboard or something, a feature many people have been asking for. The trackpad is also 20% bigger compared to the 2.

The 3 will be launching on October 22nd.

The Surface Pro 7 and X

The laptop/tablet hybrid computer Pro 7 got a passing mention, with Microsoft dropping some juicy details like its 10th gen Intel processor and new USB-C charger. The base model costs $749, and will launch alongside the Laptop 3 on October 22nd.

What got a little more love was the souped-up version, the Pro X. The X features a custom SQ1 chipset, granting LTE functionality. It’s got three times the performance power of the Surface 6 and a GPU that’s within spitting distance of an Xbox One. It’s got native Windows 10 support and seems to have support for the Surface Pen in mind. The X will release on November 5th for $999.

Surface Earbuds

Hey, all the cool kids are making fancy earbuds, so Microsoft might as well take a swing at it. The surface earbuds feature, in Microsoft’s own words, “omnisonic sound,” as well as a directional dual-array microphone. The charging case will give you a solid 24 hours of battery life, and you can skip songs by tapping the sides. Interestingly, these earbuds also have Microsoft Office functionality, so you could tap them to change slides on a PowerPoint presentation, for example.

The Surface Earbuds will be out some time later this year for $249.

The Surface Neo and Duo

With foldable screens looming in the back of everyone’s minds, Microsoft has opted to take a step back with the Surface Neo, a folding dual-screen tablet. They’re still figuring this one out, so it won’t be out until around Christmas next year. Still, what we know so far is that it features a new keyboard that rests on top of the display, as well as the “WonderBar,” a sliding part of the touchscreen that reveals an on-screen trackpad. Most interestingly, the Neo will feature Windows 10X, a new operating system designed specially for multi-screen devices. It can run all of Windows 10’s apps fine, and is expected to be their norm going forward.

Speaking of new norms, in addition to the Neo, Microsoft announced the Surface Duo, a hybrid phone and tablet with the same dual-screen design. Instead of Windows, though, the Duo runs on Android OS, which means it can download apps from the Google Play Store. And, of course, it can make phone calls. Microsoft is hoping the Duo will make for an effective marriage between Windows and Android systems. Like the Neo, though, it probably won’t be ready until next year.