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Reggie Fils-Aimé Says Cloud Gaming Will be the Norm in a Decade

Credit: Destructoid

Reggie may be out of the game, but he’s not out of games.

New advancements in the gaming industry are often sudden and flighty. When the original Wii made mad bank two generations ago, everyone hopped on the motion control bandwagon. Yet here we are years later, and barring VR stuff, motion controls are nothing but an awkward novelty. Some folks have been claiming this same inevitable obsolescence for cloud-based gaming, considering the tepid launch of Google’s Stadia service. One man, however, believes that not only is cloud gaming going to pick up speed, it’ll become the new normal. At least, in ten years or so.

In a brief comment to The Hollywood Reporter at The Game Awards, former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé spoke of his high expectations for cloud gaming as a new standard of the industry. “As the technology evolves to be cloud, and as download speeds increase, what it means is you’re going to be able to play any game on any device at any time… it will happen over the next decade and be something that’s really meaningful for players,” he said.

Nothing is impossible, that’s for sure. Stadia’s less-than-stellar success could merely be an indication that our current internet services aren’t able to support cloud gaming. Technology evolves fast, though, especially when it comes to things people use often, so ten years could be just enough time to get us the speeds we need. Reggie may not be part of Nintendo anymore, but he is a long-time gamer and industry buff, so his opinion is definitely one worth considering.