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Xbox One Adding Shuffle Button

Credit: Kotaku

There’s one way to make you play your backlog.

Speaking as someone with one hair shy of 500 games on my Steam account, I know the pain of having a massive backlog. There’s something psychological about it; I see so many games in front of me, that deciding becomes this monumental undertaking that can last up to thirty minutes. More often than not, my brain just stalemates itself and I go back to playing Enter the Gungeon. If you’re an Xbox One owner with this problem, then Microsoft has a simple solution in the works: a shuffle button.

On Monday, Microsoft added the “Surprise Me” button to the My Games menu for Alpha Skip-Ahead users. This means, once they’ve had some time to mess with it, regular users will eventually get access to the feature. It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin; you push the button, and a game is selected at random from your library for your playing pleasure. According to initial testers of the features, the game doesn’t launch right away, so if you really don’t want to play your result, you can back out and press the button again. This is actually similar to a feature that’s already available for Xbox Games Pass, wherein a button will randomly pull a game from the Games Pass catalog. ‘Course, the difference there is that you still gotta install it, and nothing kills my enthusiasm like waiting a few minutes.