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SF-SO Designs Pleasantly Tactile Electronics

Credit: SF-SO

Nothing satisfies like poking and prodding at stuff.

As convenient as the age of touch screens and voice control is, I have to admit, I kind of miss analogue buttons and dials. There’s just something psychologically satisfying about smacking a big red button or turning a big plastic dial. Maybe I just have fidgety hands and like to prod at stuff, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m not alone on this. Not the fidgety hands thing, though that would explain all the fidget toys a couple of years ago. I mean the tactile dials thing, and that’s why industrial design unit SF-SO has created the “tamed digital devices” project. Tamed digital devices is all about creating electronics that serve their purpose while being pleasantly tactile in their utilization.

Ball Radio

Credit: SF-SO

The Ball Internet Radio features three magnetic balls on the top. By picking up and placing the balls on specific grooves on the top, you can change the radio’s frequency. In addition to being amusing, it’s simple enough for pretty much anyone to understand.

Credit: SF-SO

If you miss turning a tuning wheel on your car’s stereo, you’d probably like the Wheel Digital Radio. As it says on the tin, the Wheel Radio changes frequencies with a simple turn of a dial, with a small needle pointing to your selection. Keep on twistin’ and twistin’.

Credit: SF-SO

The Cone Bluetooth Speaker utilizes a gravity sensor for powering on and off. If you want it on, just flip it over so the bottom is facing out. To turn it off, just flip it back onto its base. The moment it’s flipped, it’ll automatically start playing music from any mobile device it’s paired with. No complicated setup or buttons, just flip and go.

SF-SO’s creations are more for artistic purposes than anything, so as far as I know, they’re not actually going to be selling this stuff. Still, it’s a neat project, no? All of the advances in technology we’ve come to appreciate, but in a much simpler, more easily understood form. If they’re taking suggestions, I’d like to nominate a big red power button for TVs, built for slapping.