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Want a Standing Desk? Try a Converter

Credit: Varidesk

Like a regular desk, but taller!

I don’t really like to stand while I work, personally; my legs get restless and I want to start moving around. Sitting, aside from being more comfortable, helps to ground me. That being said, I admit that sitting on my butt all day probably isn’t super good for my spine, and though it’d take some getting used to, a standing desk would probably be a good idea. But I already have a perfectly good desk in my office. What am I going to do, scrap the whole thing and drop a huge wad of bills on a brand new desk? Not necessary; just get a standing desk converter! Here’s a few contenders for your consideration.

Varidesk Pro Plus

Pre-built and ready to go out of the box, this extending wonder has a multi-tier design to keep your monitor and keyboard at your ideal eye and hand levels, respectively. Just plop it down on your desk, lift it up, and you’re off to the races. There’s plenty of shelf space too, if you’re the organized chaos type.

Credit: Uncaged Ergonomics/Amazon

WorkEZ Standing Desk

You ever seen that movie¬†Robots? 2005, had Robin Williams in it? I just ask because this stand’s design kind of reminds me of that movie’s aesthetic for some reason. Anyway, the WorkEZ is great for you minimalists out there. One stand for a laptop or monitor, one for a mouse and keyboard. No muss, no fuss, and the adjustable limbs can be customized to surprisingly precise dimensions.

Credit: StandStand


For those of you who don’t need a lot of space but still want a standing desk, there’s a desk-conscious solution. The StandStand is specially designed for smaller laptops like MacBooks, and it possesses a modular folding design that allows you to set it up just about anywhere. Grab yourself a coffee at the local cafe, set up your StandStand, and go to work (provided you’re not like me and don’t mind standing up while working in public).