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Plex Offers Inter-Streaming Searches

Credit: Unsplash

Plex Discovery helps you find shows and movies on other streaming platforms.

Have you ever been trying to find a particular movie or TV show, but you have no idea which of the steadily growing number of streaming services has the rights to it? Normally, the solution would be to Google it, but for some reason, Google’s results when it comes to streaming licenses are often out of date which, to be fair, could be because these properties are always changing hands. Even so, there has to be a way to track down the stuff you want to watch.

Streaming service Plex is developing a way to do just that, thanks to their Discovery feature currently in beta. Through Discovery, you can search and note down shows, movies, and whatever else you want to watch to create a universal watchlist. Discovery is building an aggregate of streaming libraries, so whenver you want to watch something on one of those services (assuming you have a relevant subscription), you can jump right to it through your Discovery list.

Plex has cut deals with all of the biggest names in streaming, including Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, and more, to list their offerings on its service. If you know what show you want to watch but not where it can be found, just use the “watch from here” function and you’ll get a list of everywhere it can be streamed. This is all part of Plex’s plan to nestle itself as a sort of hub service, the streaming service you go to before you go to every other streaming service. With this convenient feature, they just might pull it off.