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Continuous Scroll Added to Google Desktop Results

Credit: Unsplash

No need to click, just keep scrolling.

For the majority of its existence, the Google search engine has utilized a page-by-page format for presenting results. You get ten regular links per page, with the rest of the pages presented as a bar on the bottom. Most people don’t click past the first page of results; it may not be a lot of effort, but having to move and click instead of continuing to scroll can be annoying. It’s likely for this reason that Google has made a change.

Starting today, Google has added continuous scrolling functionality to search results on desktop. To clarify, rather than infinite scroll, which allows you to scroll down indefinitely, continuous scroll allows you to keep scrolling through results for about six pages’ worth of links.

starting today, we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop so you can continue to see more helpful search results with fewer clicks. It’s now even easier to get inspired with more information at your fingertips,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

“Now, when you scroll down you’ll continue to find relevant results so that you can discover new ideas. When you reach the bottom of a search results page, up to six pages of results will be automatically shown until you see a “More results” button if you wish to continue further,” Google added.

The update has begun rolling out already, though it may take some time before you see it on your Google search results, depending on where you live.