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Nintendo has Sold 114 Million Nintendo Switch Units

Credit: Unsplash

The console/handheld hybrid has become one of Nintendo’s best-selling products.

In the five years since its initial release, Nintendo’s hybrid game console and handheld, the Nintendo Switch, has rocketed to the top of its most profitable products. The Switch has already successfully dethroned Nintendo’s previous top-earner, the Nintendo Wii, and the sales keep on coming.

During Nintendo’s Fiscal Year Ending March 2023 Six Months Earnings Release, the company announced that they have successfully sold over 114 million Nintendo Switch units. Game software for the console has also been selling gangbusters, with Switch game sales ballparked at around 917.59 million individual units since the console’s launch. A good chunk of that number comes from the enduring success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, nearly 50 million copies of which have been sold to date.

In spite of all this success, however, Nintendo announced that they would be lowering their Switch sales forecast for the remainder of the current fiscal year by around 2 million units.

“For Nintendo Switch hardware, we reduced our forecast by 2.00 million units to 19.00 million units,” Nintendo wrote. “While there is a gradual improvement in semiconductor and other component supplies and a recovery trend in hardware manufacturing for Nintendo Switch, taking into consideration production and sales performances thus far, we have modified the Nintendo Switch hardware sales units forecast for the fiscal year.”

Nintendo’s current priority is optimizing their manufacturing and deployment channels to ensure that everyone who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch and games for this year’s holiday season can do so without difficulty.