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Blizzard Promises Improvements to ‘Overwatch 2’ Battle Pass

Credit: Unsplash

Blizzard hopes to make the paid pass feel more rewarding to own.

The switch from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 has come with both improvements and growing pains. Going free-to-play has attracted a healthy userbase for the game of both newcomers and Overwatch alumni, and the overall gameplay has remained the same. However, a major sticking point for the userbase has been Overwatch 2’s new Battle Pass system, which is supposed to provide attractive items like characters and skins for a premium cost. Players have complained that buying the premium Battle Pass tier hasn’t yielded as much tangible reward as they’d like.

Blizzard is in agreement with this assessment, which is why they’ve promised a series of overhauls to the Battle Pass system. In a post on their official blog, Overwatch executive producer Jared Neuss explained that they “aren’t completely satisfied with how everything feels right now.”

“There’s a lot we like about it — knocking out a bunch of daily/weekly challenges or getting something new for a hero you love can feel great! But we also recognize that today’s experience has opportunity for improvement that we need to focus on,” Neuss said. “We want you to feel more rewarded just for sitting down and playing. We want you to have new accomplishments to chase outside of your Competitive Rank and Battle Pass level.”

The plan is to update the Battle Pass reward structure and flow “so that each event has a skin you can earn by playing, in addition to the other cosmetic rewards we already offer.”

“While we’re working on the long-term plans, we want upcoming seasons to feel more rewarding than Season 1,” he added.