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Mind-Reading Technology Coming Quickly

Credit: agsandrew/Depositphotos

Now if we could just get telekinesis off the ground…

The idea of having a device that could read all of your thoughts throughout the day seemed impossible years ago. But guess what? This technology is arriving sooner than anyone could have ever imagined.

The company Neuralink announced that human trials will move forward next year for an implant device that could read a person’s mind. This comes on the heels of three big revelations over the past few years.

1. Scientists recently released the results of a brain activity study (backed by Facebook) that shows it is possible to use brain-wave technology to decode one’s speech.

2. Nissan unveiled tech that would allow vehicles to interpret signals from a driver’s brain.

3. Nielsen is trying to capture unconscious aspects of consumer decision-making through neuroscience study.

The primary goal is to aid those with complete paralysis due to upper spinal cord injuries. They hope that the implant will allow these people to control any device with their minds. This would be a revolutionary breakthrough in helping patients with physical limitations.

Neuralink believes that someday every human being will be wearing this device as a way of keeping up with artificial intelligence. Noninvasive and inexpensive EEG devices are being used in places like China and Australia. They are also hoping to detect changes in emotional states in employees in a variety of positions. The devices are also being used to improve the safety of workers to alert them to the dangers of carbon monoxide or drowsiness while driving.

Currently, the safety of this information continues to be up for debate. People need to remain humanized and every thought that is in their brain should not be studied and diagnosed. Currently there are no laws that prevent the NSA from spying on our brains or from companies collecting brain data and turning around and selling it to a third party.

We are getting closer and closer to the development of a device that will be able to tell and report on everything that we are thinking. This will be great news for some, but bad news for others…