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The Impact of Topological Superconductivity

Credit: Shutterstock

Physicists have discovered a brand new state of matter that could change electronic devices forever.

Topological superconductivity can be manipulated in a variety of ways that could help to speed up calculation in quantum computing as well as increase storage capacity in electronic devices.

The focus is on quantum computing, which allows computers to make extremely fast computations through the use of qubits, which are advances made on the basics of computer memory, also known as bits. In regular computers, bits are binary, which means they are read in 1s and 0s. Qubits, on the other hand, can read any number between 0 and 1, which ultimately leads to faster calculations.

During the research, the physicists were able to see the transition happen in front of their eyes. They saw the quantum state change from conventional to its new topological state. They were able to determine this by the new geometric properties that revealed themselves.

In this transformed state, the scientists were able to observe Majorana particles, which act as their own antiparticles. The scientists saw this as an opportunity for storage of qubits, while keeping quantum information safe from outside environmental noise.

This newfound storage space will be able to store quantum information and manipulate quantum states so that they are free of error. This increase will help to improve computer memory in ways never before imagined.