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Meteor Lights Up Skies Across Spain and Portugal


Credit: Unsplash

On Saturday night, hundreds of people across Portugal, as well as in France and Spain, witnessed an extraordinary meteor streaking through the night sky, creating a breathtaking display that many described as unforgettable.

The meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere just before midnight, starting its journey north of Mérida in southeast Spain and continuing towards the Atlantic Ocean northwest of Porto. Experts confirmed that the meteor burned up along its path and any remaining fragments fell into the sea, leaving no debris on land.

Initial reports suggested that debris may have fallen in Castro Daire, located in the far north of Viseu district. However, local firefighters found no evidence of the meteor impacting the area.

The meteor’s passage was brief, lasting only a few seconds, but it left a lasting impression on those who saw it. Reactions ranged from awe to fear, with some witnesses initially mistaking the event for a missile attack. Many described it as one of the most remarkable moments of their lives.

Reports indicated that the meteor was traveling at a speed of 45 kilometers per second and was likely only 20-30 centimeters in size when it entered the atmosphere at an altitude of 122 kilometers. As it descended, it burned brightly, illuminating the night sky with a distinctive blue flash, which experts suggest indicates the presence of magnesium in the meteor’s composition.

Physicist Carlos Fiolhais, writing in the popular tabloid Correio da Manhã, explained that meteors frequently enter the Earth’s atmosphere, though most go unnoticed during daylight hours. He reassured the public that the Earth’s atmosphere acts as a powerful shield, protecting the surface from potential harm. “The sky can bring surprises – but there is no need for fear,” Fiolhais stated. “When something falls, the atmosphere is a great protector.”