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Light a Fire in Yourself With the Ignite Fitness Watch

Photo Credit: Polar

Your perfect workout routine backed by smart tech.

For all you runners and workout warriors out there, check out the new Ignite GPS Waterproof Fitness Watch by Polar. Built with wrist-based heart rate and GPS tracker, you can push yourself to the max knowing your results are being tracked exactly how you want.

One of the many features that come with the Ignite is a daily workout plan. A training guide is provided with ready made on-demand workouts that go along with your body’s recovery needs as well as readiness goals. It also tracks all of your runs, walks, and rides by calculating your speed, distance, and the routes that you take.

The Power Flow app allows you to automatically track your workout logs and monitor your sleep and activity patterns. The Nightly Recharge measures how well you recover from stress and training while you are sleeping. Based on the data that it collects, it will suggest your workout plan for the next day. It also includes breathing activities to help you calm down and focus.

Your watch will allow you to keep your phone at home while working out. It will send phone notifications about upcoming calls, messages, emails, and calendar events right to your wrist. You can even wear the watch in the pool to track your strokes, rest times, swimming style, and distance.

Three different colors (black, white, and yellow) are available at the price of $229.95. It is comparable to prices of similar watches but provides a waterproof durability that many other watches do not have.

It connects easily with many of the training communities out there (Strava, MyFitnessPal, Nike, etc.) and comes with a free Polar Flow for Coach service that connects with you with a coach. It is an all-in-one training gadget that will have you achieving your fitness goals in no time!