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The Ergonomic Mouse of the Future

Photo Credit: Leif Johnson/IDG

The mouse that defies gravity. Sort of.

Click. Right click. Scroll. Click, click. The sounds of a hard-working person sitting at their desk manipulating their mouse for hours on end. Your hand is taking a beating with the same movements over and over again, until now.

Logitech’s MX Vertical mouse is the new wave of technology designed to help us manipulate our electronic devices in a simpler fashion. The goal is to help reduce muscle strain, wrist pressure, and improve posture. The mouse allows you to place your entire hand on the mouse due to its 57-degree vertical angle set up. This reduces the pressure on your wrist and your thumb.

You have the ability to customize the cursor speed and accuracy with the Logitech Options feature. Studies have shown that it leads to four times less hand movement, which helps with reducing muscle and hand fatigue. It is shaped to work perfectly with the human hand, no matter how big or small, and is equipped with rubber for a natural, solid grip.

The mouse is designed to allow you to manipulate a variety of computers at once. The scroll wheel has precision control with a middle click to highlight desired items. A charging device is provided that can keep the mouse charged for up to four months. You can even get up to three hours of use from just a one-minute charge. Talk about efficiency!

The device can be hooked up by a USB charging cable, a Logitech Unifying Receiver, or through Bluetooth. The cost for this unique mouse is $99. If you feel that you are constantly fumbling around with a mouse, this is the perfect alternative for you.