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Dry Off in Style With a Shammy Towel

Photo Credit: The Travel 100

No relation to the ShamWow, if you were wondering.

With the start of July upon us, it is time for many people to head on down to the beach to soak up the sun’s rays, flounder in the water, and take a mental break from the world for a while. The downside, in many cases, is the sand that you track back with you from your day trip. Many towels just don’t do the trick to fully dry you off as well as avoid having sand, pet hair, and stains attracted to it. However, Rumpl has come up with a solution to all these problems: the Shammy Towel.

The Shammy Towel is super soft, while quickly absorbing any wetness and leaving your spot (or body) dry in almost no time at all. The towel comes in a one-person or two-person size, which can be very useful on beach days with your partner.

The look of the towel is nothing fancy with multiple sizes available for purchase. It has a button waist closure for secure fit. The cool part is that sand and pet hair are both denied thanks to the towel’s combination of 85% polyester with 15% spandex.

For under $40 you can purchase the towel that will take care of just about every complaint people typically have with towels. With the towel fully drying in about 15 minutes, you won’t have to keep waiting for your towel to dry before going back in the water. It’ll be ready when you get out!

It’s also machine washable and still feels like new after being pulled out of the dryer. You will constantly feel like you just purchased it after every single use.