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How Video Games Could Land You a Job

Credit: Epic Games/Paul Tassi

Not as a game tester, but probably something better.

People who spend a lot of time playing games get a lot of flak from society. However, this could be the right training needed to land the perfect job. Because of the massively growing popularity of video games, businesses are starting to realize that there are skills that gamers can bring to the company.

There is a growing acceptance that gaming skills are transferable to the workplace. What businesses can do is view the online gaming profile of gamers and offer courses in valuable skills that they seem to succeed at. They can then apply these skills to their job and their games.

People who are good at gaming typically have the ability to assimilate information, react to situations quicker, and co-ordinate different situations while remaining calm under pressure. Many gamers are also very good at teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic planning.

It is up to the gamer to determine how their skills are relevant to the job they are applying for. These skills would certainly make a gamer a unique person to hire. But is there a stigma with being a gamer? Would telling a potential employer that you are a hardcore gamer help you land the job or hurt it? That remains to be seen. Just like you would need to do in any job interview, you need to sell yourself. If you are a hardcore gamer, make it very clear how your gaming skills can translate into the kind of employee they are looking for. Good companies would be able to recognize the unique resources that you bring to the job.

Many gamers don’t even realize the skills they are gaining by playing on a consistent basis. When they sit back and think about what they are actually accomplishing with each game, they could be building a resume of skills that could land them the perfect job.