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How To Edit Texts Quicker On iPhone

Travel and Leisure just revealed an iPhone hack that came with iOS 12 that allows for way faster text editing. The one thing I always hated about sending messages on my Apple device was that, in order to get the cursor in the correct spot to edit typos, you have to hold down at precisely the right place in the sentence and release. Usually, when this happens, it never lands in the right spot.

But now, regardless of if your phone has 3D Touch on it or not, you will be able to access this neat trick to eliminate that issue. Here’s how: simply hold down on your keyboard after you’re finished writing your text. When reviewing it for grammar and spelling mistakes, your keyboard will transform into a trackpad, similar to that on a laptop. You can then slide your finger and the cursor will smoothly follow your movements. Pinpointing where you need your cursor to be has never been easier.

It might seem like something small and insignificant, but its a huge time saver to us tech-savvy iPhone users. And even if you don’t use this feature, it’s always good to know it exists.