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Smart Lock Your Home

Photo Credit: Gadget Flow

Now if I could just get that anti-burglar trap door installed…

Added security measures to protect our homes are always emerging. With household burglaries always concerning, people want to find better ways to protect their home and their family. The Smart Lock is one of those new ways that can help people can feel safe.

The August Smart Lock allows homeowners to be in control of their door from anywhere in the world. People can download the App to lock their door at any time, as well as unlock it if they know family or friends are trying to enter.

The Smart Lock is attached to the existing deadbolt on your door. It has no effect on the outside of your door as you can still use your keys to enter, and it is compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts.

Once attached and the app is downloaded, you will have complete control of your house. Alerts can be sent to your phone notifying you if someone is approaching the door. You can keep track of who is coming and going at your house at all times.

You have the ability to grant guest access in the form of digital keys to anyone you want for any length of time that you want as well. You won’t have to worry about stolen or copied keys for the rest of your life.

What makes this device really cool is that it will automatically unlock as you approach the door. It can receive a signal from your phone indicating that you are close, and it will unlock as you draw near. No more having to worry about finding your keys right away or fumbling around at night to try to safely get in the house. It can also be synced up with Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant to check the status of the door.

The cost of the device ranges from $229 to $279 depending on the features that you want to come with the Smart Lock. In times where we need to feel safer than ever, this device can always keep an extra eye on your home.