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China Plans To Decrease Tech Exports To U.S.

China will crack down on exports in response to the ever-growing tariffs.

In response to the United States’ tightening security with regards to technology, China is planning to create a new system that will also include eventually decreasing technology exports to the West.

“Based on what I know, China is building a management mechanism to protect China’s key technologies,” says a tweet from Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, which is a tabloid paper from the Communist Party’s People’s Daily. “This is a major step to improve its system, and also a move to counter the U.S. crackdown. Once it takes effect, some technology exports to the U.S. will be subject to the control.”

Hu didn’t say how he got the information. However, the editor-in-chief is a frequent poster of anonymous updates regarding China’s international affairs.

China assigned the National Development and Reform Commission to set up a list system, whose main goals are to “forestall and defuse” security risks in the nation. There are no details yet as to the exact measures that will be taken, but the official Xinhua News Agency says that more updates will be revealed soon.