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Facebook Blocking Attempts at Revenge-Posting Adult Content

…Except they forgot to tell the victims it happened.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence technology is now advanced enough to be able to catch revenge photographs (or “revenge porn”) even when it’s still in the process of uploading. According to the social media company, any attempts to upload photographs of that nature on the platform will immediately be blocked.

This is done by creating “digital fingerprints” that could be applied from nudes or other lewd photographs that were already shared to the social media platform’s security team. A Facebook representative says, “Once content is taken down from the site, we will hash it or create a digital fingerprint of it so we can catch any attempts to upload that image again.”

When the platform detects this digital fingerprint on another photo that is currently uploading, it will immediately stop the process to prevent the photo from getting uploaded on the site.

Unfortunately for would-be victims though, Facebook has no plans to send them a message, a notification, or basically anything that could let them know what happened. In fact, Facebook is planning to keep everything a complete hush, much to the chagrin of users who are concerned about future attempts to broadcast the illegal media somewhere else on the World Wide Web.

“This is not inherently a bad thing— there is preliminary research suggesting there are traumatic mental health effects of revenge porn, and it is reasonably distressing to get an alert any time someone tries to post a nude photo of you online,” Gizmodo says in a report. “But it should at least be an option for someone to be privy to that knowledge, should they want to be aware of any threats.”